Homemade Brioche Hamburger Buns Recipe

Brioche Hamburger Buns
Brioche Hamburger Buns

No Burger is complete without the perfect brioche hamburger buns. Is it worth making it from scratch? well, you will have to read on to find that out.

Is it worth making hamburger buns from scratch?

Helllooooo??? have you ever had homemade hamburger buns? who can resist the brown golden top that is soft and that fresh smell of brioche bread out of the oven? Not me 🙂 For me, it’s well worth the effort, because nothing can beat soft brioche rolls from scratch.

When it comes to burger buns my personal belief is that it should be soft but not too soft that it doesn’t hold the beef burger and its accompaniments properly.

I did quite a few recipes trials to get the perfect softness to the hamburger bun. To be honest, if you go to any recipe whether its dinner rolls, bread rolls, burger bun recipe, it all has the same ingredients, so I knew the ingredients used cannot differ too much.

But what interested me was this new method, maybe it’s an old method, but in my whole career as a chef, we never used this Japanese method of Tangzhong which I see a lot of recipes featuring these days.

so I decided to give this method a try, O boy, for so long, I have neglected this method, because I didn’t think it was going to add any value, especially because I developed a super soft dinner roll recipe, and I didn’t need the Tangzhong method for it, but what I needed was the burger bun to be harder than the super-soft dinner roll but softer than a traditional burger bun, well Tangzhong was the answer I was seeking all along.


Why does burger buns turn hard and dense?

If bread is not proved properly it will be dense buns. Make sure there are 2 rise steps in this recipe, this needs to be done properly. this will take some time to rise, due to the sugar in the recipe, so give it ample time for it to double in size

Tips & Techniques to get soft hamburger buns

Add warm milk as this will speed up the rising process.
Activating the yeast is very important in dough recipes, activating the yeast means the yeast will froth up when mixed with sugar and water. This is a trick used to see if your yeast is good if it is an old yeast your water will not be foamy.

Activating the yeast also helps the dough rise quicker. Yeast and sugar are best friends, it needs sugar to activate. If the yeast is mixed with salt, it kills the yeast, hence why it is important to activate the yeast and let the yeast feed on the sugar before mixing it all together.
I never recommend adding the yeast directly to a dough. So always activate the yeast for better results.

How long should the dough rise?

So many people ask how long does it take to rise, the simple answer is, it depends from country to country, place to place, season to Season.
warmer the country, place, season quicker the rise. Melbourne is quite cold most of the time so it takes me someday 3-4 hours for the first rise (When it is raining and very cold)

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Watch how to make homemade brioche hamburger buns

Step by step recipe on how to make homemade brioche hamburger buns

Brioche Hamburger Buns

Homemade Brioche Hamburger Buns Recipe.

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Soft Brioche style buns
Prep Time 1 hr
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 1 hr 15 mins
Course bread
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people


  • Oven


  • 320 g All-purpose Flour
  • 35 g  Sugar White sugar
  • 10 g  Yeast Instant yeast
  • 120 ml Milk Warm
  • 3 g Salt
  • 1 Egg
  • 45 g  Butter

Egg wash

  • 1  Egg
  • 1 tbsp Milk
  • 20 g White sesame seeds


  • 20 g Bread flour
  • 27 g Water
  • 60 g Milk


How to make tangzhong

  • Firstly in a small saucepan, place the tangzhong ingredients and place the pan on medium heat until it forms a small dough (This will take about 1-2 minutes)
  • In a separate bowl add the yeast, sugar, warm milk in a small bowl and mix well and leave aside for 10 minutes until it is foamy
  • In a stand mixer with the dough attachment, place flour, salt, butter,sugar and egg, mix well
  • Once the yeast has froth, then add the yeast mixture and the tangzhong and knead well for 5 minutes ( if using hands, Add oil to the work surface and transfer the dough on to the surface and knead for about 10-15 minutes until smooth
  • Brush a bowl with oil and place the kneaded dough inside, cover with a cling wrap or damp cloth and let it rest and double in size in a warm area. ( Note: it may take longer than a usual dough as it is a very sticky and has a high moisture content. The resting time will depend on the humidity and temperature
  • Once doubled in size knock the air out by punching the dough and cut it into 6 equal pieces
  • Using your palm in a circular motion, make smooth balls by pressing it downwards and rotating it in one place
  • Place them on a tray leaving small gaps in between and cover with a damp cloth. Let it rise for the second time in a warm area until doubled in size ( you don't need to leave it for a long time, this will take half the amount of time it took for the first rise )
  • Preheat your oven to 190 Degrees (conventional)
  • Once the dough has risen egg wash ( whisk 1 egg with a splash of milk) and sprinkle sesame seeds on the top just before putting it in the oven
  • Bake for 13-15 minutes in the middle rack of the oven until the top has a beautiful golden brown colour
  • Once it comes out of the oven, brush melted butter on the top .Let it cool down


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