Mr Miyagi Japanese Fusion Restaurant In Melbourne

Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi

Cost for two ppl with alcohol : $150

Mr Miyagi is a trendy Asian fusion restaurant. It’s a definite must-try restaurant in Melbourne. Overall the food was good & the ambience was amazing. Five dishes were plenty for two ppl sharing concept.

My top 5 Mr Miyagi dishes

Mr Miyagi menu

1. Salmon Nori Taco with Napa cabbage and Japanese mayo was super delicious, the taco shell was made out of nori.
2. Ramen coated schnitzel Bao was a winner.
3.Prawn and Ginger Dumplings with chilli oil
4.Mr. Miyagi Fried chicken was close to KFC chicken
5.Yellow curry with Korean rice cakes: Didn’t enjoy the yellow curry it was too sour and will not reorder it.

I will revisit this restaurant as the food was extremely good.

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