Sri Lankan Canapes

sri lankan canapes
sri lankan canapes

It is quite a new norm to create Sri Lankan influenced canapes. we don’t have a culture of canapes in Sri Lanka. But when the world started modernising and Sri Lanka was slowly getting recognised on the culinary map, the birth of Sri Lankan inspired savoury canapes, desserts, cocktails, mocktails became quite normal.

Sri Lanka and canape concept becoming a reality

Let me tell you a small and special story. My dad Rohan Fernandopulle, one of the well known and respected culinary guru’s in Sri Lanka was so obsessed with taking Sri Lanka and marking our little tiny island on the culinary map.

There is a world recognised competition called Bocuse d’Or which is a cooking competition competed by all most all countries. Sri Lanka participated in this competition for the first time about 6-7 years ago under the leadership of my dad who is up to date the president of Bocuse d’Or in Sri Lanka. In this competition, you need to create something cultural that represents the country.

At this time I was doing my bachelors in cooking at Paul Bocuse institute in France, Bocuse d’Or competition was an initiation of this great “chef Paul Bocuse, in fact, he is known as the godfather of French cuisine and I was the first and up to date the last Sri Lankan to study in that institute’,

I remember up to now how the Sri Lankan team made a canape of mini quail egg hoppers to represent Sri Lankan cuisine and also made a tea jus (sauce) during this competition.

My dad’s obsession over Sri Lankan ingredients and cuisine remains still the same, and I share the same passion like him. he also was the great mind behind ‘thuna paha restaurant’ in Sri Lanka featuring authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, served the traditional way. “Colombar ” the bar that serves Sri Lankan inspired cocktails are some of the concepts initiated by my father.

Of course, growing up with such an inspirational father, I too share the same passion and creativity.

Sri Lankan canapes using araliya products

Canapes are something that needs to be creative and tasty. it is the first dish you serve guests at a party or even take on a picnic. therefore when making canapes don’t be afraid to mix and match flavour combinations. and the below two canape flavour combinations will honestly blow your mind.

Sri Lankan canapes
Sri Lankan canapes

I have created a few easy canape options using Sri Lankan ingredients from Araliya. The brinjal pickle that I have used, was very spicy and had a great depth of flavour. I absolutely loved the product. This pickle was used to stuff inside smoked salmon, that gave a smokey, spicy taste that blended perfectly well.

The Ambarella Chutney from Araliya was equally delicious and had a nice balance of sweet and savoury flavour that blended really well with the creamy goat cheese.

How to make Sri Lankan canapes

Smoked salmon roulade stuffed with brinjal pickle

1. roll out a large sheet of cling film, place a layer of the smoked salmon (150g) so that they slightly overlap.

Araliya steps 3

2. using a table spoon,place 100g brinjal pickle in the middle

Araliya steps 5

3.Using the cling film as a guide, roll up the salmon pushing it away from you, roll it tightly, tie up the sides. Freeze the roulade in the freezer for 2 hours. ( freezing is necessary so you can cut it neatly)

4. Once frozen, cut into pieces and remove the cling wrap carefully. let it defrost in the fridge for 2 hours or until fully defroated. Enjoy!!!

Goat cheese and Ambarella Chutney bruschetta

1.Preheat oven to 200C. Using a bread knife,Cut slices of a baguette thinly (1cm thickness)

Cut slices of a baguette thinly (1cm thickness)

2.Place it on an oven tray, pour olive oil on the bread

Place it on a tray, pour olive oil

4.Bake it in the oven for 8-10 mins until crispy,Once the bread is out of the oven. let it cool down

bake it in the tray for 8-10 mins until crispy

5.While the bread is baking. in a small bowl mix 50g goat cheese with 40g of Ambarella chutney, just mix to combine

in a small bowl mix 100g goat cheese with 60g of amberella chutney, just mix to combine

6.Top up the bruschettas with the goat cheese mixture just before serving

top up the bruschettas with the goat cheese mixture just before serving